Multiple Athlete Selector available offline

The multiple athlete selector field in an Event Form can now be edited in offline mode

Previously the multiple athlete selector field in an Event Form was only available to select/deselect athletes in online mode. This has been updated to enable athletes to be removed or added when in offline mode.

WARNING: If athletes are added or removed, this will NOT update actual entries on the system until the information is synched online.

From the My Schedule module an existing Entry for 4 athletes is opened.

Only 2 players from the 4 players are selected

In Offline mode the MY Schedule still displays 4 events (e.g., for original 4 athletes) because it cannot resynchronise.

When the data is synched online, the group entries are updated automatically

Alternatively, if a new Event is entered offline for 4 athletes, this will not show as four entries on the My Schedule page until the user logs in online

The My Schedule page in Offline entry shows the "Athlete Field Group Entry Test" form only appears once (even though 4 athletes are selected in the multiple athlete selector)

When the user logs in online and the data automatically synchronises, this event form now shows for all 4 of the athletes selected, AND the entry will also show on each of the Athlete's My Schedule list (if they have access to the Event Form).


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