Images can be uploaded in Image File Upload Fields on mobile

This Event Form is set up to upload a document and 3 image files

The Event Form below is set up to allow files to be uploaded. The first file type is a document (which is NOT supported currently on mobile).

The other three files are for uploading images (which are supported), and note that the thumb nail width WILL directly influence the screen space when files are uploaded on mobile.  These may need to be reconfigured specifically.

The example here shows this Event Form being entered on a mobile device

Click "Choose File" and select where you want to source the image from

Depending on what you selected you will be asked to allow Smartabase to connect with your Camera, Device (for Photo Library), iCloud etc.

Click Allow for any following prompts.

If you DO NOT allow, then you cannot use the specified functionality and you will NOT be allowed to access images from the camera or files.

For this example, the "Take Photo or Video" is being used

The camera on the device will load.

Capture the required Image

The icon of the image will appear in the mobile app. Click "Upload" to upload the image to the Picture file

Wait while the picture uploads

Be prepared that IF the thumbnail width is NOT set, then the image will display at full size!

The following step shows a screen shot of the image as it displays in the form. It has enlarged to a full size and does NOT fit nicely in the page because there is no thumbnail set for it in the builder page.

As you can see in the screenshots above, without a thumbnail the appears at full size, which may not be the preferred outcome for the end user!

The example below outlines an upload from the Photo Library

Select the Photo/Library to pull from

Note, the image 2 and 3 fields WILL resize nicely in mobile as image 2 and 3 are set with thumbnail sizes of 100 and 200 pixels respectively (as outlined in the first step of this document).

Once the files are uploaded, save the event form and this information will be available on the main Smartabase app.


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