Athletes can set up a 4 digit PIN for login online and offline on Mobile

A 4 digit PIN can be set up for use by athletes. This is ONLY enabled for athlete logins to help speed up data entry and access.

The PIN set up is available through the Account module (which is now enabled on iOS). Note, a PIN can be set up for different athletes on the same device, but the design was intended for a single athlete on their own device. Note, if the same athlete is using multiple devices, the PIN is ONLY specific to the device it is set up on.

An Athlete can create a PIN via the Account or the Player Profile modules

An Athlete can create a PIN login which is device specific.

To set this up, access the Account via the "Account" or the "Player Profile" module.

Athletes may have access to either the Account or to the Player Profile Account editing capabilities.

On the Profile Page- select "Account"

Select Edit personal details

Once in the Account Page, scroll to bottom and select "Set PIN"

A digit selector will appear

Select 4 digits that you want to use and then confirm

For example, 1236 is selected.

Select the same 4 digits that again for the Confirm PIN

For example, 1236 is selected again.

Note, if the PIN does NOT match, an error message will appear. Just retype the PIN again.

If it is set correctly you will need to Save these changes

Save the Account Changes. To do this you MUST retype your password.

Because you are making changes to your account, which can include Password changes and the like, we need to ensure that user who is making the change is the user who logged in (not someone who may have picked up the phone during the logged in period).

This means, to save any account changes, the user MUST confirm their password (as shown below).

A Green "Updated Account Details" message will confirm that the image has been saved and the account has been updated

Logout and the PIN selector will appear instead of the Password

Enter the 4 digit pin and select to login online or offline

One you select Login the system wil automatically Login (either online or offline

The PIN can be changed by going to the Account Page and resetting it following the steps outlined above

N.B. Different athletes can set up a PIN on the same device, BUT once they have set up the PIN which is unique to their username they need to change the Username on the Password editing login screen first

The new user logs in the their username and password

The alternate user can use the PIN that is unique to their login on this device

As long as they have a PIN that is set up, they will be able to login. If they do not have one, they could login using their Password and easily create a new PIN for their username on the device.

N.B. If a Password is reset, and the user does NOT update the Password that is stored with the offline module, the PIN wil not work until the offline password is updated with the new PIN number.



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