We have released a new App that can be used on iOS6. You can update your Smartabase App now


The new iPad/iPhone application available from the App store overcomes with iOS6 glitch

A problem was diagnosed on Monday 23rd September with the Smartabase application on the iPad/iPhone after the recent iOS6 release. The iOS6 system was causing a significant issues with logins. We developed a work-around and were able to submit to Apple by the 26th. Apple released this new version on the 27th. This solves the login errors with the Smartabase application from the App store

Users can now upgrade their Smartabase App and access the App if they have already upgraded to iOS6


You can upgrade to iOS6 if you want. However, we recommend that you get feedback from others in your organisation first

Other applications that you use may be affected by the iOS6 error, so check that other users who have upgraded are able to enter and access information on other systems that you may be using on your iPad/iPhone.


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