Updates to your software are being released. Look for version 7.22 and above


An issue with iOS6 Mobile Safari on the iPad/iPhone requires a new release. Version 7.22 or greater will work

On Friday 28th September we discovered an issue with iOS6 caching information. We have found a work around and are currently releasing new software updates to all of your systems. This will mean that you will be able to use Safari on you iOS6 to enter and update information once the new release Version 2.772 or greater, that has been released on, or after, the 28th September.

Issue with Mobile Safari on an iPad or iPod

Apple recently released a new operating system iOS6. An issue with the release has affected millions of users, including Smartabase and Profiler users who use the system via Mobile Safari (the web browser) on an iPad or iPhone. This does NOT affect Apple notebooks or desktop machines.

The problem occurs as follows:

1) User logs into the main site with mobile safari after upgrading to iOS6.

2) The user enters in or updates some data. This works fine for the first request.

3) The user then enters some more data and errors occur.

We have developed a new release that fixes the Apple problem and we are releasing shortly.


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