Smartflow Enhancements

The linking of forms and data between a Trigger and a Target Event Form has been amended to provide a more robust workflow for smartflows. They key enhancements include:

- Deleting the Trigger/s entry/entries (all Triggers that link to the Target) will delete the Target/s entry/entries

-The event data will link from the Trigger to the Target directly so multiple entries can be made as the same time, and the correct data will show through from the Trigger to the respective Target.

The following outlines the expected behaviour based on the use of Point in Time, Period, and Annual Smartflow Type workflows.

Smartflow Type: Point in Time

This Smartflow example is a one Trigger to one Target relationship

Entering the Trigger creates the Target at the same On Date and Time and the data is linked from the Trigger to the Target

The above image outlines the different Linked Date Range that were set to pull information from the Trigger to the Target form via linked fields. These are discussed further in a section below. 

If you change the Time AND/OR Date of the Trigger, this will update the time of the Target entry. Note, any changes to entries in the Trigger will also update links in the Target entry.

If the Trigger Start Time is changed this will change the Target Start Time.

If the Trigger is deleted, this WILL delete the corresponding Target entry

This Smartflow example shows multiple entries being entered for smartflow with a one Trigger to one Target relationship

Three entries are entered for 11:15 on Wednesday 11th October. This will Trigger three separate Smartflows and three Targets will be entered for  11:15, and the Trigger data will link to the corresponding Target entry.

If a Trigger event is deleted, the corresponding Target WILL be deleted automatically

For example, the #2 Trigger event entered at 11:15 is deleted. This will delete the corresponding Target that links to this Trigger. Note, the other two Trigger and Target entries entered at 11:15 will NOT be impacted.

For a Point in Time Smartflow, if a Trigger entry Start time or On Date are changed, this will update the Target entry time.

The Trigger entry is changed from 11:15 on Wednesday 11th October back to 11:15 on Tuesday 10th October.  The corresponding Target On Date will be changed to ensure it matches the Trigger entry Date/Time.

This Smartflow example is one Trigger linking to multiple Target Forms.

The entry of the Source A form fires off the entry of three entries across the three forms respectively (one per form). The Data links from the Trigger to the Targets (as shown in the image below).

If the single Trigger entry is deleted, all three of the Targets are deleted

Note, IF an existing TARGET (NOT Trigger) entry is deleted AND the Trigger entry is manually saved again or updated, the Target WILL be re-entered; the system checks that each smartflow Trigger links to the correct Target, so if a Target entry is removed, and the Trigger is saved, it tries to update the Target with the new information (from the Trigger) and if no Target exists, it creates a new one.

Then, if the single TRIGGER entry is edited (e.g., opened and saved) the system tries to update the Target, and because the Target no longer exists, the system enters in a new Target corresponding to the correct Date and Time to meet the parameters of the Smartflow.

A new Target is entered on the system. 

Note, the other two existing Target entries will be updated with the new text and numeric information from the Trigger entry

Smartflow Type: Period

These are designed so that each Trigger entered (and there could be multiple for the defined period) resaves a Target at a set date and time.

For this workflow, one or more Triggers entries update one Target entry

When the Trigger is entered it adds in a Target for the end of the Period (so the week) that the Trigger is entered on (on a Sunday at 9:45 PM).

If a second Trigger is entered within the same Period (week), it will update the Target event (e.g., the historical calculations which we created to link from the Trigger to the Target will be updated).

If a third Trigger is entered in that period it will also update the Target event (e.g., the historical calculations which we created to link from the Trigger to the Target will be updated again)

For deletion, ALL of the Trigger entries entered in that specific Period (week) need to be deleted before the corresponding Target entry is deleted

The Target will be deleted once all of the Trigger entries linking to it are deleted from the system.

Note, if an existing Trigger is edited and the On Date is changed to be in a different period, a NEW Target will be entered for the corresponding period (e.g., week).

For this example, a Trigger which was entered on Monday the 9th October (which fired a Target on Sunday the 15th October) is edited and changed to the 2nd October which is a week earlier.

For this workflow one or more Triggers will link to two separate Smartflows

Two Smartflows are set to fire from the same Trigger form

The smartflow above is set to fire a Target for the Period-Week on a Sunday at 11:45am when a Trigger entry is made for the Event form Smartflow Source Multiple

The Smartflow above is set to fire a Target for the Period month (on the last day of the month) when a Trigger entry is made for the Smartflow Source Multiple Form (which is ALSO a trigger in the for the Period week Smartflow, which is an alternate Smartflow).

When a Trigger entry is made this will fire off two Smartflows Target entries that BOTH link to the same Trigger entry

If there is only one Trigger entered and it is deleted, then both Target entries will also be deleted.

Note, for Period Type workflows, if a Target is deleted AND the corresponding Trigger entry is manually saved again or updated, the system tries to update the Target, and if it does not exist, the system will enter in a new Target corresponding to the correct Date and Time to meet the parameters of the Smartflow.

Note, if the Target is deleted, this will NOT affect the Trigger entry in any way. The Trigger will remain on the system.

The entry on Wednesday the 11th has been updated which then Triggers a resave of the links between the Trigger and any Targets. As no Target exists for the expected period, another Target is entered for the period (for Sunday the 15th Oct).

Smartflow Type: Specific Date / Annual

This Smartflow examples is for a Date Specific Annual (the same Trigger to Target relationship as the Period set up)

The example here is set up to fire a Target annually on the 31st October

Entering the Trigger will fire the Target for the 31st Oct

Just as for the Period workflows, multiple Triggers can be entered in that date range which will resave the Target entry each time a new Trigger entry is made

If both Triggers linking to that 31st entry are deleted, then the Target will be removed automatically (just as for the Period workflows).

Important Note: a single Trigger can fire multiple Smartflows with different date ranges.

For the above scenario, if there is only one trigger entry made for the corresponding period/range, deleting this Trigger will delete all of the Targets


The image here shows that every possible Linked Update Range has been built into the Smartflow Target Form.

Even though there are direct link from the Trigger/s to the Target/s, IF a "Linked Update Range" has been applied to the Linked Data, this WILL be applied to the Target Form and it may limit the data that pulls through!.

Ideally ANY cutoff should be carefully considered, and if the Target form is ONLY used with Smartflows (and not for single entry) then builders might consider relying on the internal link between the Trigger and Target which negates the need to have a cut off (e.g. left blank). The image here shows the following setting allow the data to show correctly from the Trigger (see the red arrows in the image above):

-No range (blank)

-End of Current Day (EOCD)

-End of Current Event (EOCE)

The following cutoffs prevent data from being pulled from the Trigger occur because they limit data being selected before the start day/time of the actual Trigger Event (see the red boxes in the image above):

-End of Previous Day (EOPD)

-Start of Previous Day (SOPD)

-Start of Current Day (SOCD)

-Start of Current Event (SOCE)

ALWAYS test that each Smartflow Trigger/Target interact according to your specific use case and data workflow needs.

WARNING: If a Target entry is deleted and the Trigger Event Form is resaved, this will NOT trigger another smartflow Target entry to be entered in the system to replace the deleted one.


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