Electronic Signature

The capability to have a user sign within an Event Form has been created. See the steps below to learn more about this new functionality.

On the Builder Site there is a new field called Wet Signature

When it is added into an Event Form, an area appears on the form for a user to add their signature to the entry

When using this field on the main application a user simply uses the mouse pad or touch screen to sign their name

Click Clear to clear the current signature (clear can only be used when the entry is being added to the system)

As shown above, the "Sign Here" signature is cleared. 

As shown below,  a new signature is added to the form. 

N.B. There is no "undo" during entry. If a mistake is made during the entry, click Clear and redo it. 

Once the new entry is "Saved", the signature becomes "LOCKED" and it cannot be edited further

On the Athlete History Page any Wet Signature field which has been written in (with any kind of signing, mark ,or notation) will appear with "Signed" to denote it has been signed.

If the field has no signature (so it remains unmarked) it appears blank. Note, if the Wet Signature field is blank after saving it can be opened, and a signature can still be added to the field.

On the Reports Page, you can filter and sort using the equal to and not equal to functionality (using blank as a filter parameter)

To filter by Unsigned entries, set the Wet Signature Field to be Equal To and leave the filter blank

To filter by Signed entries, set the Wet Signature field to be Not Equal To and leave the filter blank

The Wet Signature is available for use on Profile Pages

WARNING, once a Profiler Form is  saved the field will NOT be editable again.

Alternatively, a builder could set up the Wet Signature in a Table and then a new row and signature could be added each time the record was edited.

Wet Signatures can captured in an Event Form Table

Note, when the data is exported to a PDF, "Signed" will appear in the PDF for any field which is signed

Note, "Signed" doesn't appear. Instead, the full link appears.

Wet signature is designed for use on m.html (online) and iOS (online and offline). It is also compatible with entering in data in a browser on the main site on an iPad.

Wet Signature is designed for use on the installed version online (but not offline).


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