Related Entry Summary Field linking Timezone Issue

There was an issue with the time that that Related Entry Summary field was pulling into the originating Event. If a user was in a US or UK timezone, any summary fields selected to pull into a table would be mapped to the wrong date (e.g., if the related entry was entered on the 13th it would map to the 12th, so it would not appear). However, the table would show the data correctly in the athlete history table.

The image below highlights the issue

There are three table rows dated 7-11-2017, 7-11-2017 and 8-11-2017, and as there are three related entries made on the corresponding dates, these should pull into the three table rows as Summary data. However, there is an issue (as shown when viewing in a US timezone) and the related entry summary data for the 8-11-2017 is pulling into the table row for the 7-11-2017 (so it is out by a day).

This timezone bug is now resolved and the related entry summary maps to the correct date in the table in the original entry.


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