Athlete Status Field Changes

To rebuild the Status field so that it only reads state from the newest (most recent status) entry for the athlete at the time of viewing, which would replace the status quo of the worst (across any time) for the athlete across multiple injury records.

The athlete's status would be assigned based on the most recent entry for a given form with a status field (which would display the status in the same manner that the status field can pull through the worst status).

The most recent status might be generated from an:

  • Availability in Athlete Diary
  • Coach entry for Availability
  • Physio entered update
  • Any other Event Form which is entered with a status field.


  • ONLY one status from a single form will work. The worst state allows status to be generated based on multiple forms that are set up with exactly the same status settings).
  • "Current state" cannot be used any more as a filter on any linked fields.

WARNING: ONLY the site owners can change the system from worst to most resent state, so always have the site owner ready to make the change as soon as you change the status forms.

If you are already have an existing Injury/Illness Record/s being used to set the status, the status setting need to be disabled in this form/s.

This can be set by going to the application specification on the builder site and scrolling to the bottom to see all Event Forms and Fields that are enabled as Status Field. The go to the fields set these as "Status Field" equal to "No" (as shown here)

Open the Event Form that you want to use to represent state. Set the field to be a Status Indicator

Double check that you have set up the options correctly: ordered from best to the worst, scoring on the options from the highest to lowest, and define the correct value as the "Best Value".

Double check that the new status field is the ONLY one set for the site

Go to the Application Specification and check that the status field at the bottom of the specification is only showing the Event Form and Field that you have just defined.

Ensure there is a Performance Standard set up for this Event Form and for the status field or it will NOT colour

Now RESET the new Athlete Status Field in the Application Details (you need to be the site owner to do this) so that the entire site uses the new recent stats

A new button has been added for Athlete Status (Tick to use the "Worst State" for athlete status, or untick to use "Most Recent State"):

The Default is that the Worst State will be used.

-Untick the Athlete Status Field to use the newest record

On the application, the "daily monitor status" now sets the state for the athlete based off the the most recent entry (as shown here).

A New Entry on the system will override any previously entered states

Once a new State is entered, this will update the sidebar and athlete selector (as shown here)

If a new entry is added during the day for an athlete, this wil update the state again

If a Smartflow is set up to generate the status entry, please note that status update on the sidebar and athlete entry selection colours will be slightly delayed following smartflow target entry.

Smartflow Requirements

If the Event Form being used to denote event status is a smartflow target and it is being triggered by a SmartFlow trigger, the target entry is not detected as a save on the site (smartflows triggers happen behind the scenes) which means that a save which would trigger an update on the sidebar, enter data for athlete card does not happen. Instead we are now doing routine checks of the server for updates to any target entries that set the event state. We will ensure that the system updates within 30 seconds, but please be away that due to the nature of the Smartflow workflows, and the need to balance server performance, the change in status will not be reflected instantly (like it is with the non-smartflow workflow).

The Status Smartflow Event Form pulls through a field from the Daily Monitoring Form (this CANNOT be used as a status field).

An option calculation references the linked state field and is set up as the Status Field ( following the exact steps as setting up the status field in the steps above, including option order, scoring, setting a best value, setting a performance standard, and making sure NO other fields in any other Event Forms have neen set as a status indicator field)

The smartflow is set up so that when the daily monitor is entered, the status form is triggered.

The image here shows that a smart flow form is setting the status

If a new trigger entry is made for the athlete, the target will be entered and the status will update (as shown here)

The target entry updates instantly
The system rechecks the server and updates the athlete selector (shown here). The sidebar updates after a delay, or as soon as a user changes to another athlete and comes back to the athlete (e.g., it is refreshed).


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