Date Issues and Mobile Issues that are resolved

The issue with Date field not being able to be removed from a date field in an event form is resolved.

The issue with Date field in a Table Row not being able to be removed is resolved.

The default to last issue on iOS is resolved

There was an issue where the default to last was not being detected. This was part of a limitation of the system as it would check whether there was date entered within the last hour. This has been changed to the last 1 minute.

However, please note that the system is checking on event start time (which is tracked to the 15 min period), so if one record, is entered at 10:30 am and the next record is also entered for 10:30 am on the same day, the"last" from first entry will not show. If the entris were entered for 10:30 and 10:45, the last record would appear.

WARNING: If a user has date override, as this defaults to 12:00am for EACH entry on that day, the default to last will NOT pick up entries entered on that day.

Log in failure on iOS when a ' is included in the username (e.g., Mc'Donald) on iOS 11 or above fixed.

Apple changed the way a ' was being interpreted on their platform from iOS 11.0 and above. This broke the login for any users with a ' in their username. This is fixed in the build on the main Smartabase application which will resolve the issue on the iOS login.  

Note, the system would return an incorrect error saying "Invalid Site Location", BUT it was actually the capability of the ' being changed and the system didn't have a suitable error message

Improved feedback for connection failures on iOS

The system could not identify the error causing login failure and would display "Invalid site Location" (as shown above) when:

  1. The site location was incorrect
  2. The site was not connected to the internet
  3. The iOS 11 issue with ' in the name.

#1 and #2 error will now display "Connection Failure: Please check your site location is correct and your internet connection is active"

#3 has been resolved and will not be an issue again so it does need a new message


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