Support for Mandarin and Japanese

Support for two additional languages has been added to Smartabase. 

Japanese and Mandarin have been added and allow for translation on the main site, builder and  admin sites and the mobile applications. As soon as a user logs in and changes their Language Settings to Japanese or Mandarin, saves the changes and then refreshes their site, the languages will appear.

Two new languages appear in the Language selection list in a users' account page

Select the language, then save and refresh

Verification of the change will appear. Reload to see the site Lanugage change.

Smartabase will display in the selected language

The translation is for the Smartabase platform. Remember that any Event Form and Profile Form Names, and Form Fields etc, need to be translated by the organisation/customer using the translation modules in the Builder Site.

Note that there is a limitation with the translation of Body Diagrams in Tables

The Body Diagram and Simple Body areas are translated. The areas are labelled correctly and can be selected on the diagrams, BUT when they appear in a Table or in the Athlete History table, based on the way we handle these types of fields in tables the information is not being translated. This requires additional development.

The translation appears for the body area, but on the athlete history, it is not translating.

Use of a body diagram in a table is also problematic, due to the way the body diagram areas are being handled.


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