Wet Signature Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made for the Wet Signature field, indluding:

- Wet signature in an Event Form can be included in a PDF. NOTE, a wet signature in a table row is not able to appear in the PDF as the signature, as more development is required still to enable this.

- Wet Signature in Locked Table Rows can be viewed on the mobile app (iOS, Android, m.html). Note, a wet signature in a locked table row (ether as a locked row, or in an Table in a locked Event Form) is not able to be viewed on the main app yet, it still appears as "Signed". More development is required still to enable this.

- Wet signature in locked event forms appear as the signature (not as the text signed) on the main application and on mobile (e.g. a single field, but NOT in a table row).

For more information see the steps below.

Wet signature displays as the signature in a table row

The image here shows that a wet signature has been signed in a table row. To see the actual signature, click on the cell and it appears. This also works on mobile as well.

For Locked Table Rows or a Locked Record with a Table row, the wet signature field will display as the signature in locked records on Mobile. This is currently not supported on the main application.

In the Mobile Apps a wet signature in a Locked Table Row can be viewed.

Unfortunately, in the main Smartabase application, due to the way we store and display data in a table row, locked table rows CANNOT be expanded on the main Smartabase application. This needs additional development to alter the core behaviour to support the image to appear. So, for the time being wet signature fields in the locked table rows cannot be expanded on the main app.

Mobile visibility setting glitch is resolved

Previously on the Mobile App, if the signature was made available using a visibility setting, it was inaccessible to enter (unless you set the visibility, went to the next section, and came back to the prior section). This is resolved and it can be signed when hidden/shown using visibility settings.

The wet signature can now be included in a PDF of the Form, but ONLY for fields NOT in the table.

The size of the image can be set in the Edit Application Details on the Builder Site

The example in the image above shows that the sign image is large by default. This image in the step here shows that it is smaller. This was set at 200 pixels as part of the PDF design. If you need alternations to the size of the signature image, talk to a Builder at Fusion.


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