Data storage location, transfer and storage limits and security

Your data will be hosted using one of the following options:

1. Cloud hosted – your data is hosted on a SMARTABASE server stored in the Amazon simple storage network. 95% of SMARTABASE customers use this option.

2. Self hosted – your organisation provides a dedicated server to house your SMARTABASE application and data.

3. Combination hosted – your SMARTABASE system and most data is cloud hosted, but some data (such as large video files) is hosted locally on your server.

The Cloud: SMARTABASE utilise one of the most secure hosting infrastructures to store your data safely and in a location to help meet your data protection needs.

Smartabase use the Amazon's infrastructure to securely host and store your valuable data. Hosting centres are available globally in the USA, UK and Asia. Additional sites are being set up by Amazon and will be available in the future. Amazon is currently estimated to store over 102 Billion objects and it is used by companies such as Plaxo, Dropbox, and for Amazon’s own global e-commerce network

You MUST choose the storage location based upon your data protection requirements. E.g if you are UK based company you MUST store your data in the UK to meet the data protection act (for more on data protection requirements see the Data Protection lesson in this manual).

Up Times and Availability for Amazon and For SMARTABASE


Amazon is designed to provide 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability of objects over a given year and the concurrent loss of data in two facilities.

• Objects redundantly stored on multiple devices across multiple facilities in an Amazon S3 Region

• PUT and COPY operations synchronously store your data across multiple facilities before returning SUCCESS.

• Data is regularly checked and verified using CHECKSUMS, for stored data, and during upload and download.

If you store 10,000 data objects on Amazon, statistically speaking you can expect to lose one of those objects every 10 million years


Smartabase uptime is based on providing you with continuous access to your system. If the SMARTABASE site is unavailable for any reason (as a result of Amazon, your internet connect, or the SMARTABASE software) users can login offline to enter data or run reports on their installed version.

Additional information on Up time percentages is available on the SMARTABASE SLA documentation available at the bottom of the SMARTABASE site.

What type of security do you have when you transfer data to and from the system?

All data flow in/out of system is encrypted using 128 bit SSL – the same security as used for internet banking transactions

Approved for HIPAA-Compliant Medical Data Applications and for the Data Protection Act in the UK

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) of Protection is used to protect your information using both server authentication and data encryption. This means your data is safe, secure, and available only to registered Users in your organisation with a Licence to your Site.

Data is also encrypted on your installed version and it cannot be accessed without the correct username and password.

Self Hosting for some customers

A small number of customers self-host, mainly due to their internal IT policies

To do this you need:

* dedicated server or partition (4Gb+ ram) with large disks in a mirrored raid configuration

* virtualisation method – depending on your infrastructure

* A  VPN between your network and ours needs to be set up (you can lock down the IP to our static IP) and then we install a virtual machine image of our server to configure and manage your site via SSH or remote desktop.

Storage and Transfer are allocated per professional user, with 11Gb's per year included as part of each professional's yearly licence fee (Amazon Hosting)

• With Cloud based hosting, each professional license (coach, coach/admin or builder/admin) is allocated 11Gb of storage (cumulative) and transfer per year

• Additional storage/transfer is billed at US50c/Gb. This is charged when your organisation exceeds your cumulative allocation of Gb's. Few customers ever come close to their data limit.

• The only sites likely to approach this data limit are those uploading large amount of video or time series data files. For these data types, the customer may also store these files on another server, and link to the files rather than upload into SMARTABASE

• Alternatively, customer may sign up for their own Amazon S3 account, which you need to maintain

• We can discuss all of these options with you and come up with the best plan based on your use.

Additional Bandwidth is available to store/transfer large volumes of data if/when you need it

Some very large systems (with 1000’s of users) may require additional levels of bandwidth and large storage volumes:  For example, a site where hundreds of users are expected to concurrently (all at one time) access the server for large files (e.g. video) would require this.

The AMAZON EC2 (Elastic Computing Cloud) offers complete scalability solutions for these sites on a casual (event based) or permanent basis, and we can organise this for you as long as you inform us of this.  For more information on the EC2 services contact Fusion Sport or your distributor


Ownership of the Data and Access to the Data

SMARTABASE stores the Data that is entered, or imported on your instruction and this remains your property. SMARTABASE  will not use nor make available for use any of this information without the written permission of the Users. The data entered, or imported on instruction is only accessible to the approved Users within the Organisation (set up by your Administrator) who need a username and password to access the site and data.

Data Export: You can export your data out of the software at any time from your Site. Additionally, on request, we can provide a nominated person or Administrator in your organisation with a full export of the data that you or other Users of your Site have entered. This means you have access to all of your data, no matter what.

The Importance of your Administration Licence: Access and security to specific type of entry forms and athlete's data

The Administrator has full control over who is given Access to be a User and who has Access to other Users Data and the Modules on the Site.

Access to users

Hierarchical access can be set to ensure there is internal security between Users. For example, an Athlete can only view and enter their own Data, a Coach can enter and view information for User group A, and a Selector or Manager can view information for User group A, B and C.

Access to data for those users

In addition to the Administrator setting up access to specific groups and/or Users data, the Administrator is also responsible for giving access to the different type of data entry events and profile forms that are used to capture and store different types of data. It is their responsibility to ensure that the correct data entry forms and permissions are given based on the type of User accessing/entering data.


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